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Tourist places in Raigarh

Tourist Destination in Raigarh

It is known for its coal reserves and power generation for the state. It is also known as Sanskardhani cultural capital of Chhattisgarh. One of the oldest jute mill in India. Raigarh is also a major producer of steel and iron ore as well as the industrial capital of Chhattisgarh. Raigarh is a major rice producing district.
Conveyance: Raigarh is well connected by roads and rail. Nearest major cities are Bilaspur and Raurkela.


Raigarh Fort

Raigarh Fort is one of the oldest fort in the state of Chhattisgarh located on the bank of Kelo River along with a lake and near by temple.

Rabo Dam

Rabo Dam is one of the major dam build on Kelo River. The dam has become one of the prime tourist attraction and famous picnic spot for the people in Raigarh.

Ram Jharna

Ram Jharna is the famous waterfall and a beautiful tourist place. It is a famous picnic spot with natural resources, wild animals and birds. This place holds a firm ground in Hindu Mythology. It is believed that during the period of Exile Ram, Sita and Laxman drunk the water from here.

Singhanpur Caves

Singhanpur Cave are most popular ancient caves. The rock painting of Singhanpur caves are said to be oldest sculptures on earth. This place offers wonderful trekking experience through Jungle.

Gajmar Pahadi

Gajmar Pahadi is a sub mountain range located at outskirt village at state border. Many wild plants, fruits and animals such as Leopard, Bear, Hyena and Rock Python can be seen there.

Indira Vihar Zoo

Indira Vihar is a small zoo located at Boirdadar Vinobanagar area of the city. Indira Vihar zoo is home to small mammals such as rabbits, monkeys, porcupine, wild board and many species of birds and reptiles.

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous place to visit. There are a lot of hilly terrains in the region. It spread over a vast area of 278 Sq Km. This wonderful wildlife reserve is located in Sarangarh Tehsil. Gomarda sanctuary is home to exotic wildlife such as Chinkara, Wild Buffalo, Sloth, Bear, Jackal, Chausingha, Gaur, Hill Myna, Green Pigeon and Wild Boar.

Chakradhar Samaroh

This festival is celebrated at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi in every year. People come from around the country. Many cultures and events takes place during this festival. This festival used to celebrated by the ancestors of king Chakradhar Singh right from the time they made it their abode. They had, all of them, been very orthodox and had great faith in rituals and other religious observations.