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Tourist places in Narayanpur

Tourist Destination in Narayanpur

Narayanpur is very much affected by the Naxalites, The main reason of that the tribes of this region are disconnected from economic development. The Narayanpur district specialises in the preparation of items from the Dhokra Handicraft. This process calls for a great deal of precision and skill. The artefacts prepared from Dhokra technique of this art use the cow dung, paddy husk and red soil in the preparation, beeswax being the most important one.
Conveyance: Narayanpur district has road connectivity with cities but there is no railway available. Nearest major city is Jagadalpur from where rail network spread in across the country. Raipur has airport connectivity with many cities in India.


Shiva Temple

Shiva temple is situated on the bank of Mahanadi river and built in 12th century. It is one of the most significant tourist attractions here. The greenery and scenery all around which gives forgotten experience. You can stay for some time at this place.