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Tourist places in Mungeli

Tourist Destination in Mungeli

Mungeli is a newly formed district from the separation of Bilaspur district. Mungeli is around 50 Km from the Bilaspur and 100 Km away from the capital city of Chhattisgarh Raipur.
Conveyance: Mungeli district is facing lack of transportation facility as road service is only there but no railway line and air strip available, nearest major city is Bilaspur having trains connectivity and Raipur has Airport.



Shivghat is situated on the banks of the Maniyari river. Shivghat is a big centre of faith for thousands of people. Shivalinga is about 300 years old. A seven-day fair is organised here on the occasion of Mahashivratri.


There are many shrines of historical, religious, cultural importance here. One of which is Shwetganga. Many centuries ago, there was a dome of a dome, whose water was as cold, clean and pure as the Ganges. According to Jan Stuti, the dream of Faniyangwanshi King came in that I am flowing through Vishnupadabaji’s consolidation, Triptagamini Ganga manifested in the western boundary of your state. Establish my pool and temple there. In the 10th and 11th centuries, the king constructed the Shriram Janaki Temple and the Shwetganga Kund there.

Madku Islands

Mudku Island, The natural beauty in the form of island is very ancient delightful place. There are ancient Shiva temples about 10th and 11th centuries and many architectural blocks on this island. Two ancient inscriptions have been found at this place Brahma inscription of about 3rd century AD and second inscription are equipped with the letters of the Shankhalipi. Miniature stone crafts of prehistoric times are also available at there. The statue of the Cultural Chattrabhuji dance is found in the statue of Lord Ganesh under the tree of Bakul. This is the only beautiful statue of the 11th century.